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WordPress is one of the most popular CMS and blogging platform around, mainly because it is free and it is 100% customizable ( This blog is run on WordPress). Today, I will showcase of the best WordPress Tutorial Blogs that have written many wonderful and insightful articles with various tips that either helped me optimize my blog for SEO, helped secure my wordpress in stallion from hackers, to finding the best WordPress themes , or even creating my own WordPress theme for my blog. As always, we have tried to collect the best resources for you readers, but there are too many high quality sources to list them all!  Please note they are not in any particular order. Enjoy!


Wordpress tutorial blogs (1) has a huge collection of wordpress tips and is updated frequently. It gives a lot of advice to help you customize and hack your existing theme to its full potential.


Wordpress tutorial blogs (2) With the Tutsplus Network, they have a section dedicated to WordPress Tutorials. As always, Envato and the network always offer innovative and unique tutorials that will make it easy to make your WordPress blog that much better.


Wordpress tutorial blogs (3) Themelab is a great wordpress design blog, that offers its premium wordpress themes, and also has a tutorial section that will definitely be informational and helpful to readers.


Wordpress tutorial blogs (4) Themeplayground also offers a great collection of articles that help you design your own WordPress themes, and also offer some wordpress themes.


Wordpress tutorial blogs (5) Digwp is an active blog dedicated to wordpress, and created by Chris Coyier and Jeff Starr really give some great tips on customizing your blog.


Wordpress tutorial blogs (6) is primarily a blog about webdesign, but they also have a useful area about WordPress.


Wordpress tutorial blogs (7), as implied by the name is an rss aggregator on the latest wordpress tutorials and tips from various blogs.


Wordpress tutorial blogs (8) Bloggingpro is your site to find useful articles on blogging effectively, with tips to help communicate your message more effectively.


Wordpress tutorial blogs (9) is a great resource for those who want to design their own WordPress theme. Here is an example of one of their most helpful posts for me when I wanted to experience designing my own WordPress theme.


Wordpress tutorial blogs (10) This is WordPress’ official site, which offers wordpress tutorials in a video format, for those who like viewing than reading info.


Wordpress tutorial blogs (11) WpEngineer is a developer’s resource with WordPress Tutorials that help Theme Develops and coders to implement more features into their themes. This is a whole blog dedicated to WordPress, not just a section, so you can be sure to find articles that will help you on everything for adding a metabox, to optimizing your coding.


Wordpress tutorial blogs (12) is a great resource for everything about WordPress Themes. They have a great collection of themes to download, and offer great advice on crating your own WordPress theme.


Wordpress tutorial blogs (13) Speckyboy is a design magazine that has a section dedicated to WordPress also. Some of the tutorials are very useful in finding a great wordpress theme.


Wordpress tutorial blogs (14) has an archives of thousands of insightful blogging tips on WordPress. Although not updated frequently, this is still great source of information on WordPress tutorials.


Wordpress tutorial blogs (15) Instanshift is another huge and active blog that has a section with great articles on WordPress.


Wordpress tutorial blogs (16) Problogdesign is your destination for the best tips on writing the best articles for your blog, and optimizing your blog with SEO implementations. They have a whole category dedicated to WordPress articles.


Wordpress tutorial blogs (17) SmashingMagazine is one of my favorite place to find quality themes , and also checking out their Smashing Netowrk on the latest WordPress articles they have to offer.


Wordpress tutorial blogs (18) Hongkiat offers a lot of WordPress tutorial articles,  and showcases many amazing wordpress themes to download.


Wordpress tutorial blogs (19) Noupe shows us unique ways to take full advantage of the robust WordPress platform, with articles showing us how to fully utilize WordPress more as a CMS then a blogging platform.


Wordpress tutorial blogs (20) offers a variety of interesting wordpress themes you might find of interest. They have a Tutorial Section I was really interested in here.

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