Innovative Cocoon Designed Restful Cubicle

The peace of mind sometime is a bigger part for our busy routine life, though we need it despite to have a piece of mind. Therefore the leading designers from the world of art and architecture designing firm has decided to make a such cabin to have completely restful environment in which we definitely get a total peace of mind. Yes, Cocoon 1 is a very special place of retreat. The pioneering product magically connects aesthetics and function, its small-mindedness provides protection and seclusion. The thought of the designers at the same time provides and its translucency enables us to let our thoughts wander whilst simultaneously allowing us to join in with life “outside” peacefully.

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Stylish Old Timer Calender By Mirko Frank

Cars are always be a trendy fascinating passion for men’s all the times, though they are vintage, sports and luxurious cars. A skillful and talented photographer Mirko Frank has get a collection of 12 vintage cars and beautiful photos, while capturing these photos he has retouched these photos with some art skills to create a stylish “Oldtimer Calendar”.  The photos of each car on photos collection have its own history and this history is also described in a few words in this calendar. Great calendar, don’t you think?

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Marvelous Lexus LFLC Hybrid Concept Car

Amazing cars has always been a traditional mark from the world famous motor car company Lexus. The Lexus has unveiled an updated version of its Lexus LF-LC hybrid concept. The biggest change to the design of this hybrid car is the new Opal Blue exterior color, the new shade is inspired by the lustrous color found in semi-precious opal stones in the Australian Outback. The hybrid concept car system named Advanced Lexus Hybrid Drive, which features an Atkinson cycle engine which is mated to an advanced high-energy battery pack that is designed to deliver greater power from a smaller battery than those currently used in Lexus’ range of hybrid vehicles. The cars combination, the LF-LC Blue concept’s hybrid power train packs 500HP acceleration, which is more than any other Lexus hybrid. The Lexus LF-LC Blue is a preview of what the future may hold for sports cars. Just have a look.

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Extraordinary Moments Of Seclusion In NYC

In the month November’2012 some rare moments of solitude in New York City NYC on Halloween, the dark city streets of New York remained mainly spooky, as power outages around the city continue to affect millions of peoples. Captivating a moment to reflect on the post-Hurricane Sandy scenes, photographer Randy Scott Slavin captured hauntingly lonely moments in which New York is lacking the many characteristics that make it so special—myriad bright, shining lights, bustling crowds, and roads filled with taxi cabs. These photographs give long exposures to a journey through many uncommon and mystical moments across New York City.

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Entertaining Creature Photo Manipulations

With several possibilities of Photoshop, one magical category continues to revolve heads. That skilled procedure is knows as photo manipulation. With the power of photo editing applications, we are now able to combine two things jointly and obtain a surreal result. It may look like a piece of cake, but this kind of image editing takes several hours of practice. For your enjoyment, we collected some inspired creature photo manipulations of skilled artist.

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